Planning objectives

It is the student’s responsibility to plan for their placement. This should include reviewing information about your placement in so you have an understanding of the organisation’s philosophy, business structure and services provided.

Specifically you should also plan learning goals and objectives for your placement. This provides you something to focus your activities against and allows your clinical supervisor the opportunity to better understand what you are hoping to gain from the placement and thus be able to structure the placement appropriately.

Your goals and objectives should be realistic, achievable and measurable. This means that you should be able to achieve all of your objectives during your clinical placement. As a general guide this would mean that you might have approximately five or six personal objectives. It also means that the objectives should be written in a manner that indicates when they have been achieved.

The follow provides some examples16:

At the completion of this placement I should be able to:

  • Assess six patients in relation to their needs for a single shift/treatment plan
  • Undertake, document and discuss the history, physical assessment and treatment options of three clients
  • Commence a clinical reflective log, to document conditions, presentations and treatment regimes of a complex nature
  • Participate in the delivery of health care at a range of levels including individuals, families, groups and communities and to work with patients and carers in their own homes and better understand the specific approaches and risks in each of these settings
  • Correctly identify the generic name, modes of action, precautions, and indications for commonly used medications in this clinical department
  • Develop skills in planning, implementing and evaluating a therapy program for clients of the outpatients rehabilitation service

Determine the nutritional requirements for the main types of clients in this facility and determine the adequacy of individual nutritional plans.