Activities for students

It can sometimes be difficult to think about how to provide the best learning experience for students in non-traditional placement settings. The following provides examples of activities for students. These are all dependent on discipline specific requirements, student competence, client acuity and length of placement. Appropriate patient consent, supervision, planning and review will be required.

Client Activities

  • Taking health histories
  • Physical assessment
  • Medication reviews
  • Observing / assisting with minor procedures
  • Menu reviews
  • Support with activities of daily living
  • Rehabilitation exercises
  • Providing a longer consultation either preceding or following the practitioner consultation to address certain issues
  • Follow-up services to assess the outcome of prior interventions, treatment regimes, compliance, satisfaction etc
  • Care planning and documenting care plans
  • Exploring, interrogating, testing informatics including patient records, decision making aids and audit tools.

Service activities

Students can provide a useful resource to undertake activities that you and your staff are often too busy to. In addition their ‘fresh eyes’ may provide perspectives you haven’t previously considered. Depending on the students’ interests, allocated time and competence the following activities may be suitable.

  • Undertake “draft” reports, correspondence letters to clients, appointment scheduling and phone calls.
  • Research new equipment or stock items.
  • Develop IT solutions for your business such as formatting marketing or educational material and development of PowerPoint presentations.
  • Review and provide feedback on systems and procedures.
  • Undertake a project around the development of an aspect of practice or business for example: to develop client educational tools; to perform a literature review on a relevant topic, to perform a research project or analysis of particular issues.
  • Undertaking clinical audits and quality improvement activities.
  • Document and review clinical procedures.